Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yee ha! Just arrived in Hanoi a couple hours ago after being away in Halong Bay for three days. Truly an amazing experience to be in a World Heritage site with so much beauty. I couldn't stop taking pictures...got about over 100 pictures in three hours yesterday. Lots of kayaking and really seeing the beauty of this country. I also spent Saturday and Sunday here in Hanoi, being involved with a series of sessions showing the TreatAsia organization's efforts to stop the disease here in Hanoi and the nearby districts---with buying CD4 blood cell measuring machines, better medicines and creating hospital networks to treat the children of parents who have HIV/AIDS. AMFAR, whom, I raised money through your direct support---will be financing these activities. I got to hear a personal account of a girl whose family has banished her because she innocently contracted the virus---and the TreatAsia organization was able to set up a family-oriented program that helps families to reinstate their members who have HIV/AIDS. It's working! I got to see firsthand YOUR DOLLARS GOING TO WORK...its incredible doing this experience. But please, if you can, find ways to get this blog more advertised and find more support to my site at www.trekasia.kintera.org . Tomorrow, I will be leaving for the mountains west of Hanoi to see the H'Mong people---whose roots ring from the Himalayas and Mongolia. Many, many more updates soon. I also want to make a special note to my dear friends, Hillary and Alex Baack, who are expecting their first child any hour now....please send your positive vibes their way and here in Vietnam. All my love back to you all....


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Hi Guthrie - I am sending you good energy but you seem to be enjoying yourself! If you get a chance put that donation site under "links" on the right side of your blog - it's a good way to make sure people always see it! rooting for you! Wally says HI!!!!!!!!!! Love from the USA! - Joe

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just fyi... go here - dailykos.com has added your blog! http://dailykos.com/story/2005/11/3/222224/132

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