Wednesday, October 19, 2005

WOW---yeah, it's getting pretty crazy now! Only TWO MORE DAYS until I leave this Friday, the 21st. I'm so excited, nervous, calm, curious all at the same time. Now---for some juicy updates! With the generous help of Kate Breen, we co-hosted a pool tournament fundraiser at Slate Bar in the Chelsea area of Manhattan last Friday, the 14th. It was not an easy feat to pull off; going to work full-time, researching to prepare for a presentation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take place on the SAME evening, and preparing trip logistics with Brad Atwal of World Expeditions. I have a long list of people to thank for this event, as well as some recent donors who have bumped up the total even higher. For recent donations to the website, I want to give a big shout out to the wonderful Carrie Brewer; the longest deaf friendship I've ever had---it's been great to watch her become into a beautiful woman with a sharp mind that makes for witty conversations; Jill Clark---the wonderful ASM who helped out with all the minutiae at Big River while we were on tour---her bubbly persona brightened the gloomiest days; Mr. Eliot Glazer and Mr. Julian Itagorri for their bold, substantial contributions; and lastly, Sue Gilad---an incredible entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and person----she's a Market America representative that has inspired me to pursue my own ideals and goals to create my 'master plan'.

I also want to give a special thanks to all the people who opened their wallets for the pool tournament event, both through the raffle tickets and the actual tourney. I want to congratulate Mr. Darren Frazier for an incredible last game with Jenny Perlis---they gave a real clincher of a performance---as Darren seized the grand prize of a two night stay at the Hyatt Regency in Miami. The other winners from the raffle contest were: 2 one month passes to the David Barton Gym - Joe D and Vicki Liggera; 1 introductory consultation session at SkinKlinic spa - Paul Eddie; 1 $100 off photosession with the great Jeremy Folmer - Steven Alexander; $50 West Elm shopping spree - Mara Zuckerman; $15 spree at Lilac Chocolates - the lucky Vicki Liggera; $20 spree at Billy's Bakery - Cassandra; A consultation and fashion piece from the up and coming fashion designer, Ms. Patricia Ordonez ( - Mike Sorace; Debra Cole's legendary family's Italian cheesecake - Everett Clark; J' Adore Coffee shop certificates - Donna R; and everyone who came to the event received a 20% off one Kenneth Cole item. Thank you for your support and those who provided the prizes: David Barton, Hyatt Regency Miami, Jeremy Folmer, Niesha at West Elm, Patricia Ordonez, Debra Cole and her parents, Kenneth Cole, and J'Adore.

Finally, I want to thank a wonderful person who has helped me organize this event, and offer a shoulder of support when I was countering doubts with this project---Ms. Kate Breen. I'm hoping she will join me next year with the next AMFAR Trek---at a location to be announced...

I will put in more entries in the next couple days prior to my takeoff. To those who have been reading this blog, thank you---please continue to share this with your friends and encourage them to donate at under the participant name, 'Guthrie Nutter'....

now off to bed!


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