Thursday, October 20, 2005

Phew. Exhaustion really set in today, but I am handling it well. Was relieved from work early due to slow traffic---so I took advantage of this by doing some errands and prepping a bit more. I looked at Best Buy for some ideas for a camera. The cameras I personally want to buy require recharged batteries, whereas it would be convenient to use the ones that use AA batteries---but I would have to carry copious amounts of heavy metal since they burn out after 30 shots. Please. Like I want to do that. If I decide on the former option---I may have to get two batteries and stretch them out between trek segments. I want to get at least 500 pictures. It's important to capture and document this experienc and share them with my sponsors and those who are inspired. Decisions, for techno gizmos is NOT my idea of a pleasureable activity. High-end fashion is more my forte. Gah!

In the meantime, amid all the stress of my duties, the apartment that me and my wonderful roommate live in, is becoming sublimely beautiful and a source of spiritual homeostasis. Candles really work!

I met with a dear, dear friend for dinner tonight---and this is the person that I specifically mentioned was the driving force for my inspiration to be a part of this project. This person is countering constant challenges; some of them were pretty nail-biting. But I cannot imagine what it must be like to be in Vietnam, living with HIV and not having the support that is available here---both through friends and the medical establishments. The constant need to face fears, and responsibilities associated with this disease brings qualities (or vice versa) in the human spirit that all of us can find inspiring and thought-provoking at the same time.

At the risk of sounding preachy here---(yet the words are poignant) It is so crucial that we help fight this disease with compassion, and support and not with judgment. It's not an easy responsibility---deciding when to start medication protocols, planning for a future that isn't quite clear, how to move forward-simply turning with the world as it turns-being conscious to taking care of oneself while being aware of surrounding others. What about dating? Starting a family? Already have a family to care for? Pre-existing responsibilities make HIV a new and intolerable burden. If all of us took some time (note, I use the word, "some"---a reasonable request---) to focus our energies to ease some of that pressure---so they can---at the simplest form---have a richer human experience while they are still living....

Keep giving---whether its by financial support, or by helping build a bed frame, or shopping for groceries, or negotiating a complex transaction---the possibilities to channel each and every one of your abilities and talents are ENDLESS. Pay it forward.

Good night.


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