Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wow! What an amazing experience so far! Sure, there have been euphoric highs and nerve-renting lows that would make cocaine powder blush. Okay, okay---a little too embellished, but not far from reality. Had a couple scares in getting here and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) excitement. But New York City was a great primer in prepping me for the extremes in human nature and error.

I just returned this evening from the Mekong River Delta cycle tour. I've gotten some color and a nice pate of stubble on my face. It was an amazing experience---people use every little means to scrape by and live simply---it's truly amazing. We have a lot to learn about self-sustenance from them. The tributaries are like the lungs of life, providing fish, greens, water, transportation...The Mighty Mekong. It was nice to hear people wax vernacular about existing due to the presence of the river---a familiar tune after being in 'Big River'.

I will be leaving for Hanoi tomorrow morning and be there for two days until I leave for the mountains on the 30th. We will meet and see the indigenous people known as the H'mong, whose fashion sense rings of Mongolian undertones. I cannot wait!

Will make a new entry when I get into Hanoi. All my best, keep reading and spread the word!


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