Sunday, October 02, 2005

Goodness. What a week. I was starting to prepare for the fact that I wouldn't reach my goal. However, after a suprising round of donations from friends and encouraging emails from Andrew Greene (the fundraiser coach/coordinator), I think I'm mentally on track again.

I will just forge ahead and make a leap of faith and see what happens. Andrew and I will work together to contact a couple of people who would be interested in hosting a dinner table party for some large donations. It's easier than trying to manage a big event with talent involved. If I had two more months, sure---but I pretty much have only 20 days!

Andrew stopped by the store friday, and dropped off a donated backpack, with a lot of extras, including a hydration system! I purchased the hiking and kayaking shoes online, via a deep discount from Merrell shoes. I was about to purchase airline tickets today---but went to the website for the hotel Hong Ngoc. I'm fighting the temptation to arrive a few days prior to the expedition and become acclimatized in a posh room! Deluxe suites are only 35 dollars! I'm going to research today and get some ideas for a wish list and extrapolate that into an itinerary.

Thank you Andrew, for giving me the boost I needed to sprint this last leg into success...

More exciting details to come very, very soon!


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