Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Whoo. I've been sporting a new look lately. Its dark circles under my eyes; no its not a recent fad that's spun off the runways from Fashion Week last month....I've been putting in a lot of 6 hour nights of sleep due to all the minutiae associated with this project and holding my responsibilities at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and West Elm. Albeit the sleep deprivation, I'm doing great! Sincere success comes with hard work and dedication---we've been seeing a lot of success without the latter, so I'm proud of my success---and you should be too---for your support to this project (in whichever form it's in)!

I am hosting a huge fundraiser party in the form of a pool tournament at the Slate Bar ( this friday evening (the 10th) from 8pm onwards. And this is just after my presentation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, titled; "Sculptural Tensions Between Masculinity and Femininity". We will have raffle prizes---such as a hotel stay in Miami, to a free session at the SkinKlinic Spa Center in Manhattan, to two one month passes at David Barton gym, and certificates to my favorite dessert places (to be named soon). If you know anyone who wants to donate a TV, or knows someone who has connections to a store that will be glad to donate a free DVD, Xbox, Ipod, or TV, please DO LET ME KNOW...the more prizes we have, the more people will want to come and win them! These are seriously fun prizes, folks... I also have added to my exciting itinerary. I will be arriving in Ho Chi Minh City on the 23rd, and rest for one day to recover from a 20 plus hour trip. From the 25th to the 27th, I will be cycling a total of about 80 miles throughout the boat villages in the Mekong River Delta in South Vietnam. On the 28th, I will fly into Hanoi, and meet with other fellow trekkers before we leave on the 30th for three days to climb mountains in North Vietnam. Then, we go kayaking for three days among the karst cliff islands that dot the Halong Bay. All said and done, I will be back on November 7th. I plan to take many pictures and stories, and maybe some sketches or two...Even though this all sounds so amazing, and I'm leaving in 10 short days---please share this news with everyone you know, and see if anyone wants to donate anything for a raffle prize or make a fiscal contribution to my website at . Now, I need to get to bed, so I can get a lucky SEVEN hours of sleep....all my warmest....


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