Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hello again! I'm back in Hanoi after three long, amazing days in the mountainous region surrounding Mai Chau---west of Hanoi. We were subjected to some pretty degrading conditions---but managed to laugh through the dark moments and get through the whole journey as a group---all members included! I feel a sense of sadness that my time here in Vietnam is closing---but also with a renewed sense of focus and urgency as to what my next step will be. There are doors that could be opening their opportunities in the near future---I will go further in detail when I return back to NYC on monday. This whole experience has been like an exfoliating scrub for the soul. I love to bathe my eyes with such beauty, and its like healing medicine for my spirit. I encourage everyone to passionately seize an opportunity to do something for others as soon as it presents itself. There will be powerful passages and photos uploaded on this blog as soon as I get back and get the photo files into my computer. Look for new entries in the upcoming week! Lots of love....


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