Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hello again! Am in Taipei after a jittery wait to get on the plane in Hanoi. Sure enough, the passport /luggage weight/immigration form dramas unfolded, but in mild intensity---its the non-stop successive volley of kerfluffles that had me a bit harried. And the flight to here was right beside not one, not two, but THREE toddlers squalling and vomiting their lungs out. A gorgeous sight, my friends. Bought some japanese foodie treats for my upcoming birthday. May just have a nice evening at a quiet lounge with classy music and a fireplace. I've been making copious entries into my diary, in preparation for the trip journal that my sponsors are eagerly awaiting. The experiences, images, smells, sights constantly roll and flow through my mind. I feel so wealthy with life experiences, and am happily digesting them. I cannot wait to share them with you just as generously. To all who gave your support (in every sense) THANK YOU for giving me the strength to do this expedition. A strong sense of joy runs through my soul. I hope you feel similarly....*smile*


Anonymous Kimberly said...

Guthrie, it was such a delight to stumble upon your blog - I am so happy your trip went well! I cannot wait to see your pictures...(btw, the pictures from Sri Lanka look fantastic! ;) )


Kimberly :)

11/07/2005 7:06 PM


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