Thursday, November 24, 2005


This is a touching exhibit which shows a series of childrens' art in response to the Vietnam War. It's pretty explicit and doesn't need interpretation. Here is an excerpt from my journal: "...the War Remnants Museum was devastating. I wasn't necessarily grossed out by the graphic images - more in the sense of trying to grasp the moral breakdown of would think after such atrocities (were committed) we would learn. Oh no, of course not - and the participants of that era continue to be the current perpetrators. I pity the soldiers who had to witness, ordered to, and be involved with such atrocities. I look very closely at those photographs of the victims who are facing imminent death - it is written on their faces and eyes...I wonder what their spirits must be like during that awful experience...What helped me was the children's art installation. The images are just as emotionally devastating - but they'd have other images (in the next installation) that were uplifting and showed hope and healing for the future. With all the evils inherited into future generations, the goodness reincarnates itself. Hopefully this can become a more predominant force...


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