Thursday, November 24, 2005

After the devastating exhibit of the War Remnants Museum, the children's artwork helped inspire me about the rejuvenating nature of the life cycle...and I really loved the "Healing" image in the middle. I decided to push this further and go to the Botanical Gardens and capture some of the local flora. I was pleased to capture a butterfly in the act! They're very mischievous, always fluttering away at the moment I'm about to take their picture. Unfortunately, the sweet moment passed, and I went to marvel at the tigers and monkeys...."They looked so sad and imprisoned. Pick the lesser of two evils, face death by poachers or irate farmers or life in imprisonment - having to deal with people making weird noises and throwing things at them to aggravate them in the aims of creating a reaction. One of them looked sick and was breathing as if it had pneumonia or some breathing complication. I felt a bit heavy hearted at humanity - the war, the oppression of nature. I decided to leave and walk back to the hotel..."


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